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Weatherspoon Art Museum | De La Torre Brothers

Weatherspoon Art Museum

“TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art”
Weatherspoon Art Museum / 500 Tate Street / Greensboro, NC 27412
June 21 - September 28, 2008

The term “Latin American,” is far from homogenous: It moves across and beyond borders that are geographical, social, cultural, and aesthetic

TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art is the most extensive and significant exhibition of this material ever presented in North Carolina. It is also the first to look closely at the connections between Latinos working in the United States and artists from Latin America. The exhibition features the work of more than forty highly acclaimed artists working over the last two decades; they hail from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, and Cuba. Their artwork, like the term “Latin American,” is far from homogenous: It moves across and beyond borders that are geographical, social, cultural, and aesthetic.

Diversity and hybridity are the defining characteristics of the art and artists included in TRANSactions. For example, María Fernanda Cardoso's installation of artificial flowers pays homage to those who have “disappeared” in her native Colombia. James Luna, who is part Mexican and part Native American, asks us to consider how his dual heritage combines in a complex but still singular identity. Perry Vasquez and Victor Payan translate the 1970s icon, Mr. Natural, into a stereotyped Mexican figure in their multimedia work, Keep on Crossin'. As exhibition curator Stephanie Hanor writes in an introduction to the exhibition catalogue, “Contemporary art from Latin America now forms an intrinsic part of the international art arena. While engaged in a global dialogue, these artists explore and parody cultural locations and identities even as they uphold and transgress them.”

This nationally traveling exhibition has been organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, which has one of the finest collections of Latino and Latin American art in this country. A bilingual, fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

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Shows of “TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art”:
2008 – Weatherspoon Art Museum – University of North Carolina / Greensboro, NC
2007 – Memorial Art Gallery – University Rochester High / Rochester, NY
2006 – Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego / San Diego, CA

Exhibition Catalog

In a “post-Latin American” age, Latin American art has taken a postmodern tack, mindful of borders and identity politics but not determined by them. Many of the 42 artists featured here, including De La Torre Brothers, Francis Alys, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Daniel J. Martinez, Alfredo Jaar, Vik Muniz, Damian Ortega and Gabriel Orozco, infuse their work with social commentary from local and global perspectives, exploring and parodying cultural locations and identities even as they uphold and transgress them. All of them share an interest--beyond those borders--in revitalizing existing artistic language and forms.

TRANSactions highlights artists who work across media and between disciplines, reveals connections and encounters between artists in the United States and in Latin America and celebrates the heterogeneous nature of contemporary Latin American and Latino art, dismantling preconceptions and promoting new interpretations.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780934418652
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Language: Spanish
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 1,163,285
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