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Glazenhuis – Glass Museum | De La Torre Brothers

Glazenhuis – Glass Museum

“New World Primitives” – Visiting Artists
Glazenhuis – Glass Museum
Dorp 14b - 3920 / Lommel, België
March 3 - September 31, 2013


The Belgian glass museum GLAZENHUIS invited four internationally renowned artists for the summer exhibition 2013, entitled: 3 Solo Shows. The brothers Jamex and Einar DE LA TORRE (MX/US), Petr STANICKÝ (CZ) and Richard MEITNER (US/NL) were offered the basement floor, the ground floor and the first floor exhibition space respectively to present a 'solo show'.

This exhibition will undoubtedly result in remarkable confrontations of three very different approaches to art, glass and the museum environment. Jamex and Einar DE LA TORRE will transform the grey environment into a colourful and vast spectacle imbued very liberally with references to both Mexican folk art and Flemish folklore.

Possibly less zany but equally radical is Petr STANICKÝ's remarkable artistic action. Through the architectural context he creates in a simple and monumental way a singular intervention with a translucent character.

Richard MEITNER creates objects with a soul, like autonomous individuals constructed from line, volume and connections, they grow into characters that seek the spatial balance between the static and the dynamic. Using his own elementary universe of encoded forms, Meitner stimulates an intuitive image transfusion.

Despite the visual diversity, these artists converge in the respect that they clearly use glass for its almost limitless potential to realize form, but only within the limits of the conviction that the material and its use must remain subordinate to the perception of art. It is clear that they are freed of any obligations with regard to the material, both in choice and in use. Reaching this point it is therefore obviously superfluous to speak about glass art.

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